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The Tuli Advantage

If you've read our History Page, you already know something about the thousands of years of early domesticated cattle history and natural selection that has gone into the supreme physical adaptations to our African environment, of the precursors of the Tuli breed.

You will have realised just some of the many advantages that have followed on from the tough characteristics of those hardy breeds, on which the Tuli was founded, and which through skilful selective breeding led to this amazing home-grown Zimbabwean cattle breed that we know and enjoy today.

Here we take a closer look at The Tuli Advantage.

Due to the hardships of the early African cattle breeds to which the Tuli owe their genetics and adaptability to harsh conditions, they are able to tolerate drought and heat extremely well; they have strong legs and hard hooves and can walk long distances in the blazing heat, without stress; they are robust, rugged and tough, yet still produce excellent quality beef with great flavour, tenderness and marbling.

They are also productive dairy cows with high quality milk.

The Tuli are very fertile, and are an early maturing breed. They calve with ease, have low calf mortality and are competent, caring mothers; they are highly disease and parasite resistant, especially the tick-borne diseases; they can cope with nutritional stress, just as well as with drought and water scarcity, and even when grazing quality is really poor, will still produce top quality beef.

The Tuli will readily adapt to any environment in which they find themselves; from arid semi-desert to bushveld to savannah; from high altitude areas with good rainfall, to cool areas with seasonal snow; from scrub bush to cold misty mountain areas and coastal regions. Since they have been in South Africa, they have shown thmselves easily and quickly to adapt to all such environments and more, without stress.

As the Tuli breed developed in relative isolation, it has a unique genetic make up, rendering it especially successful in cross-breeding programmes. A high degree of hybrid vigour is achieved, plus the added advantage of a large percentage of polled calves.

The Tuli also has an easy going temperament.

Tuli-Society-hardy-herd What more can one ask from a cattle breed than
this amazing catalogue of attributes!



So let's put all these Tuli Advantages in a nutshell!

Tuli Cattle:

  • Are strong, sturdy, tough, robust, hardy and resilient
  • Quickly adapt to all kinds of environments and conditions, however harsh
  • Are moderately framed, hence require low maintenance
  • Are particularly well adapted to extremes of heat, drought and nutritional stress
  • Are resistant to ticks and diseases
  • Mature early, hence finish fast
  • Produce top quality beef with high carcass merit even when grazing is poor
  • Offer high dairy productivity with good quality milk regardless of harsh conditions
  • Are highly fertile
  • Are strong, competent mothers who calve with ease, with low calf mortality
  • Are relaxed and docile in temperament, hence easy to manage
  • Offer maximum hybrid vigour in crossbreeding programmes,as a result of their unique genotype
  • Are primarily naturally polled - at a rate of 70 to 80% of calves
  • Have smooth, shiny, solid coloured coats in light shades, which contibute to their high tolerance of intense heat
Tuli-Society-magnificent-bull Tuli-Society-Cows-in-golden-grass
Tuli-Society-herd-in-green-field Tuli-Society-magnificent-bull-in-dust