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The Chronicle newspaper carried a feature article about our amazing Tuli Breed. Follow this link to read it:



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An in-depth look at the Coat Colour Genetics of the Tuli

The subject of coat colour in cattle is important from both an adaptation and economic standpoint. An animal with a dark-coloured hair coat can be at a disadvantage because it is more vulnerable to intense radiation of short-wave and heat rays that elevate body temperature, thus impairing the animal’s physiological well-being and performance.

The Tuli breed portrays a variety of coat colours, ranging from white to yellow to red, with all possible shades in between, but excluding black.

Want to know more about the genetics of the Tuli coat colours?

Then read this interesting, detailed article by Dr Steven Lukefahr at right.

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Follow the link below to read about an exciting cross-breeding programme in Australia.

Tuli Cattle are being cross-bred with various other breeds, with the aim of producing hardy, robust cattle, capable of withstanding tough conditions and thriving in challenging environments.


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Tuli Cattle - Coats of Varied Adaptive Colours - Red, Gold, Ivory, Dun
Tuli-Cattle-Society-golden-bull Tuli-Cattle-Society-Masingita-Tuli-a Tuli-Cattle-Society-young-ivory-bull-facing-forward
Tuli-Cattle-Society-young-dun-bull Tuli-Cattle-Society-Red-bull
Tuli Production Sale 2020 -
A different, Online Experience for interested Farmers

Our Tuli Production Sale was held on 22 September 2020 - Online, rather than in the usual way to which all of us are accustomed, making this a very different experience for all involved.

The Sale had to be conducted in this manner in response to the many and various regulations around Covid19 which make the gathering of many people in one place for any purpose, so complicated and difficult.

Despite these rather unusual and challenging circumstances, the sale did go reasonably well, and showed how technology can be utilised to make such a sale happen regardless of the hurdles and difficulties currently experienced here in Zimbabwe, and indeed, globally.

The Tuli Cattle Society warmly congratulates
stud breeder Anne Cooke on attaining the highest bull price, and
Oscar Johnson for attaining the highest heifer prices.


Above: Anne's top-priced bull;

Below, Oscar's bull and top priced heifers.

Oscar-Johnson-Jambo-Tuli-Heifer5 Oscar-Johnson-Jambo-Tuli-Heifer2 Oscar-Johnson-Jambo-Tuli-Heifer3
Oscar-Johnson-Jambo-Tuli-Heifer4. Oscar-Johnson-Jambo-Tuli-Heifer6 Oscar-Johnson-Jambo-Tuli-Heifer-and-calf
Oscar-Johnson-Jambo-Tuli-Heifer7 Oscar-Johnson-Jambo-Tuli-Heifer8 Oscar-Johnson-Jambo-Tuli-Heifer1
National Breed Sale 2020
Below - Jambo Tuli Bulls - Oscar Johnson - at the 2020 National Sale
Tuli-Society-Jambo-tuli-sale-2020-bul Tuli-Society-Jambo-tuli-sale-2020-bull-2
The pictures below were taken on the first day of previewing, 18 August, at the 2020 National Breed Sale
Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-bull Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-bull2 Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-bull3
Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-bull5 Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-bull4 Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-bull6
Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-bull7. Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-bull8 Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-bull9
Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-heifers Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-bull10 Tuli-Society-Sale-2020-heifers3