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On 26 May 2022, The Chronicle newspaper carried a feature article about our amazing Tuli Breed. Follow this link to read it:


Representatives of Tuli Cattle Breeders from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and Namibia gathered in Johannesburg in late November 2021 to inaugurate the Tuli Cattle Federation of Southern Africa, with the assistance of Au-ibar, whose representatives also attended the event. Their website was also launched during the proceedings. Click at right to visit it. Tuli-Cattle-Federation-of-Southern-Africa
Next ZHB Breeder Requirement Course TBA - Cost $10 per person.

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These were held in Gweru, Esigodini, Chinhoyi, Macheke, Beatrice and Lobenvale, with visits to Brahman Breeders Reed and Camen, Portelet Estate, Bluegums Mashona Stud, Enondo Brahman Stud and Lobenvale Farm.

These ZHB Courses are designed to inform breeders of their requirements and formats for data submissions to the Herd Book and cover the following:

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  • ZHB Data Registry function of maintaining relevant Herd Books for Societies
  • System of Animal Identification
  • Birth Notifications
  • Request for Information (RFI)
  • Fates (departures) – transfers, culls, death
  • Performance Records
  • DNA Sample
  • Inspection List
  • Levy List
  • Herd List – on request
  • Internet Solutions
  • Breed Runs
  • Calendar Year vs Calving Year
  • Timetable of events
  • Introduction to Genomics

Tuli Semen is



Zimbabwe Herd Book - ZHB

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Welcome - to the Tuli Cattle Society of Zimbabwe's Website

The Tuli Cattle Society of Zimbabwe represents the interests of Tuli Breeders and promotes the breed and its many advantages for our southern African environment. This truly indigneous cattle breed with its long history has its origins and roots firmly embedded in our country.

With its predecessors adapting and evolving over thousands of years, to meet the tough demands of our particular climate, soil, rainfall and vegetation, this is the breed to choose if you want to maximise your profits yet keep your input costs to a minimum.

The Tuli will not disappoint you.

Robust, sturdy and steadfast, these amazing, beautiful animals can well withstand our often harsh climatic conditions and thrive, regardless, producing great meat and milk.

The Tuli Breed will do you proud!

Tuli-Society-Bulls Tuli-Society-Cows
The Tuli breed as we know it today, originated from the Sanga breed which evolved several thousand years ago, on our African continent, adapting over time to our challenging environment and conditions. Tuli cattle come in four basic coat colours - red, gold, ivory and dun.
These colours and their sleek shiny coats have enabled them to adapt well to the intense sunlight typical of our region. To read an interesting article about the Tuli coat colour and its genetics, click HERE.
Tuli-Society-calves Tuli-Society-Herd-Picture
Tuli cattle result in very high quality beef, renowned for its flavour, tenderness, juiciness and excellent marbling. To produce highly marketable, superbly tender meat, with lowest cost and effort, Tuli is the clearest choice.
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